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What can a VA Loan do for me and my family?

In honor of those who serve our country, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs created a program that provides servicemembers, veterans and eligible surviving spouses the opportunity to obtain, build, improve or refinance their housing at an affordable rate with fewer restrictions.


Because the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs backs these VA loans, those who serve our country are able to obtain competitive rates for their homes. Oftentimes, depending on the location, VA Home Loans can total up to $625,500 (depending on state and county) with no money down. Additionally, if closing costs are covered by the seller, VA Loan applicants have the potential to spend no money out of pocket.

Through this program, servicemembers, veterans and eligible surviving spouses have multiple options. There is no limit to the number of times a qualifying individual can take advantage of the program. Plus, in addition to purchasing a home, the VA Loan program can provide funds for repairing a property, maintaining a property or adapting a property to make it more suitable for living.

VA Home Loans are an attractive option for many because they're easier to qualify for. Rather than focusing solely on credit, demonstrating a strong payment history for at least a year can help an applicant become approved. Other perks include the fact that VA Loans can be refinanced and rather than needing homeowners insurance, VA Loans require a funding fee ranging from .5% to 3% that gets rolled into the loan.

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VA Loan Options

  • Purchase Loans

    This type of VA Loan offers qualified borrowers the opportunity to purchase a home with special incentives.

  • Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan

    Through this option, eligible candidates are able to refinance their current loan in order to lower their monthly payment and secure a better rate.

  • Native American Direct Loan

    Available to eligible Native American Veterans and their spouses, this particular VA Loan provides the opportunity to purchase or refinance a property on Federal Trust Land.

  • Adapted Housing Grants

    Eligible servicemembers and veterans with certain permanent and total service-connected disabilities can qualify for one of these grants in order to construct or modify a barrier-free home.

Key Information
  • Get up to $625,500 with No Money Down
  • No Limits on the Amount of Times One Can Use the Program
  • Provided by Private Lenders
  • Can Be Used to Buy, Build, Retain, Repair or Adapt a Property


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