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Pursuing a loan can be a lot of work. Because of that, we've provided a great selection of resources you can check out that will help you learn more about your options and know what to expect as you take each step in the process. Plus, we offer even more information regarding credit, lending and mortgages on our blog.

Ready to start financing, but don't know where to begin? Just follow this simple, step-by-step walkthrough to complete your loan process.

Check out a complete list of the information you'll need to begin the financing process.

Throughout the loan process, there are many ways you can either set yourself up for success or derail the entire process.

Looking to lower your payments? Learn more about the refinancing process and how it can potentially benefit you.

Discover how refinancing could not only lower your interest, but also earn you cash for other expenses.

The Streamline Program can help you refinance your VA or FHA loan both quickly and simply.

We've got you covered from A to Z. Check out this comprehensive listing of financial terms, complete with brief descriptions of each.

Whether you're looking to learn what you're eligible for, if you should rent or buy, or what you can afford, check out our great tools.