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Michele and Lior TeamWoodland Hills, California

We believe it’s our responsibility to foster passion in ourselves and in others through our brand, our culture, and our product. We strive to provide more than mortgage lending, and in that same vein, we realize that our biggest asset is our people. So while the rest of the mortgage industry is interested in short-term gains, we’re investing in technology and training our team—always having one hand in the future.

At the Michele & Lior Team we've built a top-notch team with the know how to facilitate your lending wants and needs, all while providing a level of personalized service you won't find at big name companies. Below you'll find a quick word from our employees, as well as their personal contact information and more. Please take a moment to get to know us. We're excited to get to know you.

We put you at the forefront of the process.

Michele and Lior Team


Lior Yehuda 

Branch Manager

NMLS 918983


Tel: 818-456-4905

We approach the journey to homeownership differently with The Michele & Lior Team, powered by Cardinal Financial. From the moment you apply to the day you step over the threshold of your new home, we put you at the forefront of the process. It's our goal to provide service and offer products that are built around you. Regardless of your personal wants and needs, we're here to help make your dreams a reality.


Michele & Lior take a more personal approach to lending because you matter. More than just a number or an account, every one of our customers receives the same level of care and consideration. Because of this, you'll never be offered a prepackaged option that's not suited to your budget and lifestyle. If you're looking to purchase a new home or refinance your current one, there's never been a better time than now.

Michele Cohen 

Sales Manager

NMLS 872219


Tel: 818-855-1118

Mortgage lending is more than selling loans. It’s about helping people achieve their homeownership goals. Whether that’s helping them reach a better financial position or connecting them to the home of their dreams, it’s about guiding them to the finish line.

My industry experience has taught me to take the time to understand my customers: What’s their story? How can I help them in their pursuit of a home? When I see my customers as real people with real goals, needs, and dreams, I get to match them with the best loan product and create a truly seamless lending experience.

Everyone has a story to tell. What they need is a Loan Originator who will listen, customize a loan to meet their needs, and guide them every step of the way.

I look forward to working with you!

Stacey Ross 

Loan Originator

NMLS 1638263


Tel: 661-255-4059

I have been in sales and customer service for many years and have a “can-do attitude.” I wanted to help people and decided that the mortgage industry was a place where I could make a difference. The more I learned about the mortgage business, the more I loved it.


My specialty had been hard money loans, but with rates at record lows, borrowers kept asking me for help with conventional loans. Being that I was already licensed, I jumped right in. It’s a challenging career, and I'm loving it. I work hard and am driven to succeed in every transaction. Doing what is best for each client is always my top priority. You will find that I am a sincere and honest professional who will always tell you if a deal is not in your best interest.

Landrus Clark

Loan Originator

NMLS 1898784


Tel: 239-350‑0121

I am Landrus Clark, a licensed Loan Officer with Cardinal Financial, Limited Partnership.
My career in real estate began in 1984 as a Georgia licensee and then I became a California licensed agent in 2001. In 2004, I became a California Licensed Real Estate Broker. My commitment to my clients includes; loyalty, trust and confidentiality. Clients can trust that I work only for their satisfaction and want to help them  achieve their goals of homeownership or residential and commercial investments.
My passion for real estate has driven me to provide the best experience possible for sellers and buyers alike. Now, I bring that same passion to my work as a loan officer.

I chose to work with Cardinal because of their record as a top home mortgage lender. I look forward to serving you as I have in the real estate industry for over 30 plus years with the same professionalism and integrity you expect.

I am an honorably discharged Vietnam Veteran and family man with 5 grandchildren and 2 sons and daughter. I believe that family is the most important part of life, and it is inherent that as a father we pass on our knowledge and values to our children. My favorite pass times include golf, art, and writing. My first novel was published in 2017 called Southern Shadows.

My Business Motto: The client is the relationship and deserves my best as a professional! 


Michael Mancuso

Loan Originator

NMLS 1941276

Tal Fitlovich

Loan Originator Assistant 

NMLS 1928470


Tel: 818-574-3430

Tal is typically the first person to engage with the families we serve and with our partners. Her role is perhaps the most important one on the team, ensuring that everyone knows at any point in the process exactly where everything stand. Tal loves building new relationships which is why she is the perfect team member to begin the journey and make sure it continues with our clients for many years after closing.

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